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A Nuisance For Roofing Damages and Losses by Critter Detectives

One Day on Earth, twenty years ago, a Chinese-Cuban family moved to Lilac Town at the corner of 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard to a historic Lombard Brick Bungalow built in 1927, which was surrounded by a wooden picket fence with only one entry gate on Washington Boulevard. While the Chinese-Cuban family members were working very hard to pay their Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow during the day, afternoon, and night, Lombard wildlife, critters, animals, intruders, uninvited visitors, and trespassers would meander into the resident family’s fragrant Lilac garden, apples orchard, strawberry patch, and vegetable garden. After several home invasions during the day, afternoon, and after midnight, the daughter called Ralph Schlemer the Handy Man from Elmhurst to install a gate lock to prevent trespassers and thieves from coming into the garden to cut off fragrant lilac branches, kill the Perkins Peace Rose or access the Lombard home through the garden shed door. The Elmhurst Handy Man also installed another electrical switch by the porch to turn on a large fluorescent light to illuminate the backyard and keep marauders off the premises, by adding changes to the Schlage door locks. All the Lombard resident homeowners’ efforts did not deter nor discourage a nuisance for damaging roofing structure by Critter Detectives in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois USA.
The Lombard home only had one young green Maple Tree in the middle of the backyard surrounded by a wooden picket fence and three Golden and Red Delicious Apple Trees in the backyard. One day the daughter noticed that the wooden picket fence posts had been sewed off at the bottom to open up a h*** for animals and wildlife to access entry by Chuck, Robyn and Jennifer’s adjoining driveway. Can you imagine, “Who would use a carpenter’s saw to sew off a wooden picket post to let animals, wildlife and critters into my back yard?”…while the Chinese-Cuban family was working during the day, afternoon, and nights.
The wooden picket fence around the Lombard Historic Bungalow never disturbed anyone until John and Eva Carpenter drove the Station Wagon backwards into the wooden fence posts while they were moving into the Ahrens-Stebens home the Summer of 2001. One afternoon, the daughter saw how Eva Carpenter backed into my Lombard wooden picket fence and said, “You just broke the wooden posts when you backed without looking into the fence, Eva.” John Carpenter and the two sons must remember how they use to play basketball in their backyard and the ball would end up over the adjoining picket fence and the young son running after it would climb over the wooden picket fence into the Chinese-Cuban family backyard. “Why did the Carpenters’ young son jump into the Chinese-Cuban family’s backyard?” when the daughter saw him jump back home from the porch windows.
That was not the only aggression against the Lombard wooden picket fence. Another day, the daughter found the squirrels racing around the fence at a maddening speeding, while they chased each other out, all around the backyard, only to jump up to the green Maple Tree. Blue birds and red cardinals also made their way into the Lombard garden and feasted on Golden and Red Delicious Apple Blossoms and budding apples. There was even a loud Wood Pecker by the Apple Orchard burrowing a whole into the tree trunks to make a nest.
There had never been so many birds, wildlife, animals, and strange people into the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow garden, until the daughter saw a creepy, crawly Opossum or Possum which look like albino giant rats. After coming home from work one afternoon, she noticed that the grass had signs of a large reptile, slithering over the green lawn grass while leaving imprints on the backyard. That day, she found the whole sewed off at the bottom of the wooden picket fence posts by Chuck and Robyn’s driveway on Washington Boulevard.
Then, the daughter saw two masked bandits sneaking into the Lombard garden. Raccoons behave like crooks and criminals causing damages in the Lombard garden and backyard near the Illinois Prairie Path, the Lombard Lagoons, and all over Du Page County, Illinois USA. The critter marauders began to appropriate the backyard and climbed the rain gutter duct by the air conditioning unit to make a nest up on the roof. Another raccoon climbed up the green Maple Tree to cross over and hide on the roof. That is when the daughter called Critter Detectives in Lombard at 1294 South Lloyd Avenue, Telephone: 630-916-7678. According to Critter Detectives, “If You Have Critter Trouble, We’ll Be There on the Double for Nuisance Wildlife Relocation 1 (888) 271-8837. Critter specialists in the Chicagoland area for 15 years since 1997. The Chinese-Cuban family moved into Lilac Town on September 2, 1993. Critter Detectives followed new Lombard homeowners four years after into Lilac Town upon demand of wildlife roaming red foxes, wild renegade coyotes, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, opossum, moles, groundhogs, skunks, beavers, birds, bats, dead animals, and geese hazing. The brother referred me to Critter Detectives in Lombard to resolve home invasions by raccoons nesting on the roof after trespassing under and above the wooden picket fence posts surrounding the Lombard garden at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA. When I would come out to the Lombard garden after work, I felt critter peering eyes gazing at me from the roofing above my head.
One morning in May, a Hispanic Critter Detective drove up to the Lombard driveway and set up a Raccoon Trap on the roof of the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow during May before the Memorial Day weekend. The Hispanic Critter Detective made a bigger h*** to attach the Animal Trap to the Lombard roofing structure in order to catch the roving renegade raccoons who would come and go from this location.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Lombard resident homeowner went to observe the ceremony at the Daley Plaza Eternal Flame monument. Upon return to the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow, she found one Raccoon caught inside the Animal Trap over the weekend. Then Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty knocked on the porch door and talked to her by the doorway saying that the neighbor, Eva Carpenter was disturbed by the Raccoon being caught in the Animal Trap set up by the Hispanic Critter Detective. The Lombard resident homeowner asked the Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty, “Why is Eva Carpenter complaining about the Raccoon caught in the Animal Trap?” Mark Gouty said that Eva Carpenter wanted the Raccoon released from the Animal Trap and set free. But, the Lombard resident homeowner said that she had called Critter Detectives in Lombard and “ did not want the Raccoon in the backyard anymore that is why Critter Detectives were called to catch the wildlife animal disturbing the Lombard home roofing and the backyard”. So, on Memorial Day weekend, Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty got into the Lombard backyard and picked up the Animal Trap with the Rogue Raccoon inside, as if the Lombard Policeman was arresting the wildlife Raccoon for being in the Lombard backyard inside the Critter Detective Animal Trap. The irony was that the Lombard resident homeowner had called Critter Detectives about a nuisance wildlife damaging roofing structure.
“Why was Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty intruding upon the Critter Detectives’ Animal Trap with the Rascal Raccoon caught inside during Memorial Day weekend?”
Obviously, Eva Carpenter was meddling in the Critter Detectives’ Animal Trap with the Raccoon inside over the Memorial Day Weekend in the neighbor’s backyard, not the Carpenters’ driveway.
So, Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty said, “I am going to take the Animal Trap with the Raccoon inside and remove the wildlife”. The Lombard resident homeowner told him that “Critter Detectives had set up the Animal Trap which belonged to them and they expected to find a Raccoon inside”.
Upon return from the Memorial Day Observance, the daughter who was also a Lombard resident homeowner was upset that Eva Carpenter was interfering with the Critter Detectives’ Animal Trap containing the crooked Raccoon caught inside for the holiday. The Raccoon had already built a nest on the roof of the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow and the Hispanic Trapper caught the wildlife nuisance into the Animal Trap.
After the Lombard resident homeowner talked to Mark Gouty, he made the mistake of walking into the Lombard garden, picking up the Critter Detectives’ Animal Trap with a nuisance wildlife Raccoon, and setting the Animal Cage inside the Lombard Police squad car for District 5 in the Village of Lombard. Mark Gouty said that he would bring back the Critter Detective’s Animal Cage to the Lombard home backyard. Forty-five minutes later, Mark Gouty returned with an empty Animal Cage. The Lombard resident homeowner asked him, “What did you do with the Raccoon?” Mark Gouty answered that he drove to the Grace St. Lagoon by North Avenue and released the Raccoon there. The Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty released free the criminal Raccoon which had set up a small nest on the Lombard roofing structure overlooking the backyard.
“What!” I said, “that Raccoon is going to find the way back to the Lombard nest on the roof…” I am going to complain about the Lombard Police releasing rogue wildlife free at the Lombard Grace Street Lagoon by North Avenue, between the Village of Lombard and Addison in Du Page County, Illinois USA. I did not know that Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty had to arrest a caged Raccoon on Memorial Day during May. Eva Carpenter, the Lombard neighbor, and Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty were both accomplices and access to criminal roofing damages caused by the Raccoon when the Lombard Policeman released the wildlife Raccoon entrapped and caged by Critter Detectives at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, Lombard, IL 60148-3028 USA.
The next day, the Hispanic Critter Detective picked up the Animal Trap empty, without the Wildlife Raccoon which had been caught and released over the Memorial Day weekend by Lombard Policeman Mark Gouty who set the Raccoon free by the Grace Street Lagoon near North Avenue between Lombard and Addison in Du Page County.
Unfortunately, the Hispanic Critter Detective did not cover up nor repair the bigger h*** he made while setting up the Animal Trap Cage to catch the nuisance wildlife Raccoon during the Memorial Day weekend at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, Village of Lombard, Illinois USA.
Afterwards, the wildlife Raccoon returned with another mate to set up the nest in the same location where the first Raccoon had started residence on the Lombard home roof. The nuisance wildlife continued marauding and intruding upon the Lombard homeowners real estate property ever after that Memorial Day weekend in May.

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