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I am currently healing from foot surgery. During the 11-11 shoot I was in a walking boot and on a knee scooter! It didn't stop me, just slowed me down and gave me a bit of a challenge to get around the city. I fell only once, but saved my camera from any harm. I apologize for the tartiness of uploading my projects. The month of December was pre surgery appointments, and then surgery, followed by being instructed to be completely off my foot for 8 weeks, AT CHRISTMAS. I am now coming out of the fog and back home getting myself together again. I just pray that the project can still be considered. I will keep you informed.

I am proud of the shots that we captured. It was also exciting this year to add my youngest daughter Allysen to our crew. She too has an eye for great shots, and a heart for the people and things around us. We had so much fun together. Kjersten and Zach ventured down town with me for the evening shoot. This year we brought food to share with the street folks. After last year, Kjersten and Zach were changed and now go down to share food most every month!

That is part of the reason for my title this year, "Take A Closer Look". If more people could remove themselves from their couch, TV, computer, video, and warm house and place themselves next to a person living on the street they would be changed. It is inspiring to sit and listen to the conversations that the kids had with the many folks they met. The kids come home knowing that they are blessed.

Now, I send my blessings to all you and your loved ones for this New Year.

Happy 2012

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