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A Cuban Epicurean Experience in Good Taste

The month of July starts with the taste of food festivals for the summer solstice. Food Fests remind everyone to eat a lot and with gusto during the summer and store energy for the long, cold winter months. In July, anyone can have a Taste of Anything, Anywhere one goes...including a Taste of Cuban cuisine; not only in Cuba, of course...

Ethnic cooking is everywhere in the USA, but authentic Cuban cuisine lives at the Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York. The 12th Annual Congress of the Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York takes place on Sunday, July 14 from 9 am to 7 pm at the International Culinary Center of Manhattan, 462 Broadway (corner of Grand St.), New York City.

Early morning, I was reading about My Big Fat Cuban Family, a Cuban blog by Marta Darby who is going to be present there on Sunday, July 14th for a Live Cooking Demo; while she makes her famous "Homemade Pastelitos de Guayaba", an original recipe for Guava Pastries prepared easily at home. On this great day for Cuban cooking, there is a special Cuban Foodie eat-all-you-can day at Victor's Café which includes a Cuban breakfast, lunch, "merienda", beverages, café cubano, cocktails, mojito, and much more...

Authentic Cuban cooking in my family is a credit to my Cuban Grandmothers, Mother, and Father who have passed on the Cuban cuisine tradition to everyone in our family. Whenever Cuban food is served, there is always a Conga-line queued eager to taste favorite dishes, appetizers, croquetas, sandwich cubano, arroz con pollo, lechón asado, arroz blanco, frijoles negros, moros y cristianos, yuca al mojo, and anything else your stomach desires to eat. The cooking theme at the 12th Annual Congress of the Centro Cultural Cubano this year is "Cuban Cuisine: del casabe al mojito". This is an unforgettable Cuban epicurean food experience that your palate will never regret.

12th Annual Congress of the Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York

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