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From the frontline to the hospital

A few kilometers from the frontline of Defniya, the volunteer doctors and nurses work with revolutionaries directly after they're injured from rockets and gunfire. Spending the day with the staff revealed emotional stories from the fighters and also those who are saving their lives. Both foreign and Libyan medical teams work around the clock to ensure care for those pushing West towards Tripoli.


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Revolutionary Graffiti

Local youth express themselves with street art, seen here in Freedom Square in Misrata.  The revolution has been a jumping off point for creative activism throughout Libya. …


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Clean up

The pictures below show civilians working together to clean up the streets of Misrata yesterday. Notice the Libyan flag colors painted on the handles of the wheel barrel.


























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Pellets + Rockets = Absolute Malice

As if the rockets weren't enough, we see in these pictures that they are packed with ball bearings. As mentioned in the previous post, these rockets have been shelling Misrata daily. Luck happened to be present again, as no one was home when this rocket ripped through the ceiling. 

With this type of warfare, it is chance that keeps the fortunate civilian's of Misrata alive. This ever present threat filters everyday family life. The fear of attack stays fresh, as does the smell of…


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Shelling of Misrata

Misrata is now being shelled daily with grad rockets. Luckily, these 3 scenes did not include civilian casualties. However, earlier this week one hit a family's home resulting in one death and several family members with severe burns, including a child.

These rockets have hit just outside of downtown Misrata, a few hundred yards from the city center, close to the formerly besieged Tripoli street.

I'll be looking forward to posting photos…


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Bearing Arms

Do you feel you've done enough for this revolution?" I ask from behind the barrier of my camera.

A moment of silence lingers as a thick stream of smoke blurs my view of the young Libyan whose musical lyrics have inspired countless revolutionaries to rise up against the regime. Flicking his cigarette and smothering the still burning ashes with his shoe, he shifts his downturned eyes directly towards my lens and simply answers,…


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NPR interview

So, it was unfortunate that this ran so close to our funding deadline (it was recorded a couple weeks ago). But i gave a quick interview with NPR's "Word of Mouth". Check it out below:

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A preview to who is fighting this war: Update 1

The Youth in Libya - Update 1 from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

This is a quick update, showing some of the young activists that I have been following for the past 2 months. I have been working with a number of organizations including One Day on…


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