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111111 new track in one day

Juts like last year on 101010, i've composed, recorded, mixed and mastered an instrumental track today.
I've got tons of images to edit now, think i'll be ok tonight or tomorrow morning.
Quite a different track this time, but still using field recording (nature sounds), electronic drums, piano and orchestra.
hope you'll like this one too.

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10.10.12 my video

The video is on !

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10.10.12 vimeo

the video is being uploaded to Vimeo now.

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10.10.12 editing done

I've just finished editing the video. the computer seems sort of rather scandalized by my outrageous exploitation of his talents...
i'll post the video whenever the computer gives it back to me (for the last 15 minutes, it's just been saying : "39%... click Esc to cancel"

oh ! now it says "40%... click Esc to cancel"

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10.10.11 film

I'm uploading the images from the camera now. this is going to be some other kind of mixing job ...

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101010 #10 track

there's the track in its 10.10.10 mix, as it is. I'm too tired to go on now. maybe i'll do a more subtle mix with fresh ears but this is the day's mix.

Bruz 101010 by… Continue

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101010 #09 frequency

21:00 I'm nearly there. there seems to be a bit of a problem with one ultra high frequency somewhere. I'm checking this and it's cooked !

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101010 #08 orchestra

19:59 been working on the orchestra part these last hours. that's violin, alti, celli and double basses. i guess the track is nearly done now.
i'm going to check this through, get some mastering on it (cos' it's really low at the moment !!).
Back after dinner ;)

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101010 #07 bass

18:43 added some short bass part for the middle bit

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i realize the mp3 bits i add to the posts really are cheap sound. I can assure you it sounds different here. wait & listen when it's finished...

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101010 #06 melody

18:14 i've been having a break around 16:00 to help my son with his homework (like learning all the names of the capitals of European countries and the date when they each joined the EEC...)
I've added some piano to the track + a tape delay to make it really smooth and light.
i've also added different drum sounds to get some more energy at some times.
I'm thiniking of adding a bass now for the middle part.

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101010 #05 composing

15:08 i've added the sounds recorded this morning to the track + added some reverb + some reverse effect on some parts + cut & pasted some others, then tried to make them match the track progression and i must say, we have something not too horrible here.

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101010 #04 sound processing #2

I've been listening to what i recorded earlier. I have some nice haunting moments that i can add some big reverb to maybe + some very striking events, like a kid jumping on a stair banister to slide down + a nice moment in a street where some clarinet was playing + 2 women going down stairs with a child in a push chair.

note : the place i live at is on one of the hills that surround Lyon, which means that there… Continue

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101010 #03 sound processing

13:30 so i've been around in town and recorded some sounds on the fly. Now i'm uploading these to the PC and see how or if i can use them in some way.

note : i use a Zoom H2 to record outside + sound treatment is done in waveLab.

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101010 #02 recording outside

12:00 I'm going out to record sounds. the day is very quiet, everybody seems still asleep as i can here nothing from the street. i'll be back around 13:00.

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101010 #01 rhythm


phase #01 : drawing a rhythm base for the track

I chose a very slow tempo as the idea is to compose a very relaxing ethereal track. So the pace will be 70.


i added a few different loops to make the rhythm more dynamic + added a reverb on the drum track.

+ been filming my coffee cup smoke and screen action


i added a nice pad to set up an ambiance

+ been filming my hand on the piano


i added spots of notes here and there just to… Continue

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10.10 track

On 10.10, i plan to compose, record, mix and release a new-age/ambient track made with sounds taken in the morning + electronic samples and piano.

Added by bruz on September 23, 2010 at 1:45am — No Comments


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