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We are Corn People

May God bless you,

All My Relations, let the water people dance, those in the Dark World inside Mother Earth, The Thunder Beings and The People of Mother.

Today is my birthday. I am forty-six years old now. As a Native American, Navajo, the history of man has given me insight to people from all walks of life. I am blessed. Never has a foreigner of minority, like Orientals, Arabic, Russian, Scottish, and African by blood treated me bad, except one, my fifth grade teacher Mr.…


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Today is Monday, February 3, 2014, one day closer

To the people of the world,

We are born into a world of sin, a place full of lying, stealing, killing, where one can become selfish.

My mother once told me that when she was a child living with her grandparents, they would travel for three days by wagon, what today now takes an hour and a half by vehicle. She said "When we ran into another Navajo, or even another Native American, greeting them with a hug of love because you knew you survived the killing and that there were very…


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