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Production Services

Production Services

What would a production company look like if you linked it to socially conscious media creators in every country of the world? And then added the support of the world’s most trusted and respected non-profits? It looks like us.

Over the past 2 years we have worked with commercial and non-profit clients to film and document topics throughout the entire world. The days of needing big travel budgets are over – let talented locals do the job, pay them fair rates, and create a new type of filmmaking economy.

Contact us for information on how we can help you film anywhere, anytime.
You can reach us by email:
Feature Length Short Form Commercial Stock

Recent Productions

Social Good Summit: New Zealand, Greece, South Africa, Egypt, Panama, Indonesia, Japan, Montenegro, Oman, Myanmar, Ukraine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Chad

First to Fall: Libya

3M: Chile, Japan, US

Equator Initiative: Honduras, Morocco, Tajikistan, Columbia, Egypt

HDNet World Report: China

11/11/11: Worldwide

10/10/10: Worldwide


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