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The Challenges

The Challenges 11.11.11 All Challenges should be addressed through your blog, and submitted to your teacher as appropriate. Please address each Challenge in a separate blog post. Math: We've been exp… View »

Sum Doo Dee

    Austen, Joseph K., Kevin, Andy, Joseph C., and Nicole are Sum Doo Dee.  They took on one of the more technically challenging ambitions of filming in flight, using a homemade glide… View »

Teddy Bears

  Danielle, Eric, Vanessa, EL, Tanya, and Jamie are Teddy Bears, and focused their attention on friendship and food - filming students as they come together in the morning, play together throug… View »

Eleven to the Sixth Power

  Henry, Eric, Oscar, Grace, Cindy, and Ashley (or 11 to the 6th Power) ventured out to explore the environments outside of the classrooms that help make school what it is - the lockers, hallwa… View »


  Helena, Fiona, Jennifer, Kate, Rosalind, and Carissa are BBB.  These six girls are asking the viewers of their films to 'walk in their shoes' and capturing all of the activities and plac… View »

Sparkling Dinosaurs

  Catherine, Ericka, Madeline, Vera, Angie, and Jennifer make up the Sparkling Dinosaurs.  They set out on 11.11.11 to depict school life through the eyes of the youngest members of our sc… View »


Typhoon, Ted, Marjon, Jack, Josh, and E.Su make up Meatball.  They're hoping to offer a 'big-picture' look at life at KAS, explore the variety of views on our relationship to the Natural World… View »


Annie, Amber, Claire, Grace, Nicole, and Sylvia have combined forces to capture the variety of student perspectives on campus throughout the day, the neighborhood surrounding campus in the early aft… View »

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are Austin, Nicholas, Ryan, and Samuel. Their mission for One Day on Earth is to synthesize the topics, concepts, inspirations, stories, and locations of all other stude… View »

Mr. K's Family Tree

Mr. K wants to build a visual One Day on Earth Family Tree: to have every member of his large extended family contribute footage to the project and link it together under the Family Tree.   &nbs… View »



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