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Didn't take long after joining when the idea hit me I am going to use. I am taking to the streets and asking strangers the same particular questions about 12-12-12, but sorry I don't want to leak what those questions are.
But, to help others, I will blurt out some possible inspirational ideas that they may use or get inspired by:
1. If you were ever thinking about "coming out", this could be that day.
2. Take a homeless person to lunch/dinner and interview them.
3. Volunteer to assist at a Humane Society for the day.
4. Do whatever you normally would do, but point the camera at your face all day.
5. Go to an ethnic region of town and ask people what they think about the life they thought they would lead in America.
6. Visit an old folks home and see if you can get an interview set up before hand with to interview someone about their life.
Just a start anyway. Maybe someone else can chime in some. Good luck everyone!

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Really great ideas Mikel !

Best regards from Portugal !


Thanks Patricia, and my regards from Georgia(USA) as well.
In a sort of related note, I came across this video this morning in my regular feed from Vimeo. It is so powerful I got choked up. While I intend to do something slightly serious in my 12-12-12, nothing I am currently capable of can touch this one. I only hope that others who are will take this ball and run with it if they are able. Good luck yourself if you are doing something for this occasion, and maybe this will inspire you as it did me.



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