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few of my schoolmates have a stand up show event just that day, so i will film them... i don't know what kind of concept will come out of it. i was also thinking about filming some lessons in the school. since we are IB and have lessons in english this will come very handy. i only hope we will open an interesting discussion about some/any issue :D

about the stand up show i was thinking like to film close-ups of people laughing and stuff, and then making some connection with everything useful i will film that day. (since last year i got just different idea later when i started editing and the first idea.)

my advise - film what you find interesting, no matter what your first idea or concept you have (back up themes are always welcome is something goes wrong with plan A ) :D

an awesome filming to all of you!

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A "Plan B" is always a good idea, especially in a case like this where you may not be sure of what is going to be recorded and things start to go awry with "Plan A". In my case I am asking mostly strangers(but also a few friends) a couple serious questions, and if starts to not go as I thought it would, I will have a back-up plan. At the moment that plan is to go ahead and record it not working and may be a better overall plan anyway, as that's simply how things go sometimes. Therefore, I will probably ALSO have a "Plan C" to cover my butt and make sure that I achieve my goal. That plan will be totally different. I will ask them to pretend they know how to tapdance and record all the silly attempts and edit them one after the other, with music added in post-production. I'm laughing already of the idea, so I don't care what happens! Hmmm....



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