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I have a full schedule on 12.12.12 but I want to make a video to support the project.

What I have in mind is going to Union Square and look up in the sky, and record how long it takes others to look up with me.

It is a fun experience I always want to get it on camera on a tripod. Please if you have anything to add on and join to do it somewhere else (prefer crowded area).

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Haaaa haaa,,already sounds interesting, crazy fun

Hi Collins,

Glad you like it, hope it goes well.

Do you plan to film something?

I do plan plan to film something. Just that I don't know what..yet

This reminds me...
There was a reasonably well-known segment from Saturday Night Live where they had some time to fill at the end of the show and I believe it was Steve Martin or Bill Murray stood on the stage and looked out over the audience and kept making statements like "What is that? What IS that? What the hell is THAT?" It seemed to work for them then, something like that may work for you as well. I like your idea of just looking up and seeing what happens but may need to jazz it up somehow. Maybe be looking up thru binoculars and screaming? Haha, good luck regardless!

Imagine saying something like.."Aha there you are"

Yes yes a binoculars works, I just have to get the ball to do it :). Thanks for the suggestion Mikel!

I will update how it goes.

...and you never know, you may actually see something that will make YOU go "Huh what IS that!" haha

That's will make my 12.12.12 story! Must make a wish on 12:12pm on 12.12.12 wow 5 12
12:12 12.12.12

That does look odd doesn't it? I was sitting here getting things ready and listening to some online band videos I recently uploaded to my Youtube channel, and looked up at the computer and the time was 12:12(a.m.) and the music became engrained into my memory in an instant. Reminded me of the time long ago when I was in 6th grade. For some reason I was pretending in my mind I was now a grown adult and looking back at myself as a 6th grader and wondering how my life had developed. Now, any time I want to, I can reverse that scene and go back to that little boy in 6th grade and feel his thoughts for just a moment, and then it slowly slips away. Nice but odd to be able to do that. Anyway, thought I'd share that. Again, for some odd reason, haha. Take care and maybe see ya out there! LOL



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