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Hello translators! This is Alex from One Day on Earth. We're very excited to have so many languages represented within our online community! Your help means so much to us, and you are an integral part of making our global film a reality!

I want to introduce you all to DotSUB (, a platform we will be using for our upcoming translation processes. It's free to register, so try it out when you have some time.

Here are some important tips when checking out the DotSUB platform: The website has a two-step process. 1) Transcribing into text in the original language from the video, 2) then, translating the original language text into English text (with the video for aid if needed). I highly recommend using the "Keyboard Shortcuts" under the video player - they will help you work without using your mouse - for pausing the video, and entering timecodes for "In" and "Out" of each line.

If you have any questions about the DotSUB platform, post them here and I will be happy to help. Thanks again! We'll be reaching out soon with specific clip information. :)

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