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An idea ... We looking for One Day On Earth Friend's from any country who working in the same subject about saving Cinemas in his country ?

The Idea is to mix a video  One Day On Earth with cinemas from all of the world ? It's an idea .. Let us know we are here on


For over three year, SAVE CINEMAS IN MAROCCO has invested its time and energy into protecting an important Morrocan cinematographic patrimony in collaboration with the movie theaters themselves, the press, actors, films technicians, as well as those simply passionate about Morocco.

The movie theaters defends the 7th art in the diversity of it experiments with qualitative requirements and a true respect for the public. Without the theaters, many films we love would never have been known to us.

The struggle to save the movie theaters in Morocco joins the larger combat for promoting the importance of culture in our society. The richness of the cinematographic experience, the same quality that make it seem so close to us, draws from the culture that it is from.

" All culture is born from mixing,encounters and shocks.The opposite is the isolation that brings about the death of civilization." Octavio Paz.


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