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We need to be aware that we are a science-oriented human beings that were given a task to control all that is in the space or approximately let them mingle on their own but aware of their existence and be friendly or co-exist with every matter or orbitual objects........


What else can you say?



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Dear Augustine,
One day on earth project can be a reality in Zambia, Africa and globally if we continue participating and upload videos, pictures, photos showing the activities that we do in Africa. The main essence of this project is to educate one another, share ideas and more over the One Day On Earth project which will take place on 10th October, 2010 (10.10.10) is to showcase different scenaries in the world through videos, pictures, photos.

Scenaries can range from videos,photos,pictures showing people doing activities e.g. at the market, people swimming, life of street kids, sports at school involving pupils/students etc.

These and many more activities (Videos, photos,pictures) can make the One Day On Earth project a reality.

Misheck Mutuzana-Zambia



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