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Hey everyone,
I've been a member of OneDOE for quite some years now, though inactive. I'm slightly excited about filming for 12/12/12 for the first time & I would appreciate suggestions from everyone in this group. I haven't decided yet, what I'm going to film yet. What about you guys?

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Since these films will be archived I would suggest something cultural, or a fusion of old and new.

There is no festival on the 12th, capturing culture would be slightly difficult in Delhi unless I visit the outskirts, which is rather unlikely. Fusion of old and new... hmmm.. something to ponder on!

Hey 12.12.12 ers I am Regional Producer for South Asia and I just wanted to put out the idea that I think both of your ideas sound great, but I also wanted to share some other ideas since it seems like you are still searching a little bit for a subject.

One of the loose themes we are giving people is to do something addressing "What you have and what you need" although it does not necessarily have to be about you. You might want to find someone in your community who might have an interesting answer to that question.

I also think a good idea is to spend the day recording someone you care about, admire, or someone you think is fascinating. But ultimately you are free to record whatever you want on 12.12.12.

I look forward to seeing your footage in ther 12.12.12 archive!

HI.. I am also filming first time for ODOE. Even i am not clear what to shoot but want to show love and relation. Hope to show the different look.

Hi Subhash, I think love and relation and/or relationships are a really great universal topic.

Will be filming in and around office which is a design studio in the middle of one of the largest industrial areas of Delhi, Okhla. Will try to bring out the contrasts between inside and outside.



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