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Hello respected readers!

First of all welcome to my discussion.

I always come up with some questions that what do you think Afghanistan would be in 2014? Will US withdraw its military? What if American soldier get out of Afghanistan?

Have a nice time,



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Hello and Greetings!
Respected and kindest Naseer
Wishing you fresh breath and sound health
it is your nice action that you always come up with some nice and sensible questions,i say well done and keep on it for long time!
As it is a hard and tough prediction but in my mind i say Afghanistan would be constructed and secure in 2014.
maybe and it will be nice and wonderful if they do so...
Nice wishes
Abdul aziz(shoja) debtor of your boons from evergreen city Jalalabad.

Naseer, those are interesting questions and ones I think many people are searching for the answer to. I suppose everyone is just waiting to see what will happen. Like Abdul Aziz, I hope that Afghanistan is a secure by then but more so than that, I hope it's secured by the Afghan people and not the international forces.




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