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Music on 12.12.12 Members (124)

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Brittney Johnson

Fort Wayne, IN, United States


Venice, CA, United States

Taylor Olmstead

Amelia, OH, United States

Jonas Dahl

Berlin, Germany

Samantha Pagan

Sherman Oaks, CA, United States

Régis Schwert

São Paulo, Brazil

Michelle P. Carter

North Hollywood, CA, United States

Charles Christ

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Erik D.

Morristown, NJ, United States

Laura Frye

Georgetown, MA, United States


Victoria, BC, Canada

Jeanette Letalick

Linkoping, Sweden

Christina Reilly

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Valérie Sontot

Emptinne, Belgium

Igor Sirjanow

Stuttgart, Germany

Sibylle Meder

Tilos, Dodecanese, Greece

Alexandra Sokolovskaya

Moscow, Russia, Russian Federation


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