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Hiking on 12.12.12 Members (37)

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Marco D'Agostino

Palermo, Italy

Veronica S

Burke, VA, United States

Elisa Heimo

Helsinki, Finland

Kyle Robbertze

Cape Town, South Africa

Ashley Tantillo

Staten Island, NY, United States

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

Kathmandu, Nepal

Michelle Anne Morrissey

Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

Iselin Rolvsjord Fergestad

worldcitizen, Norway

Janet Figueroa


Catherine Schuelke

Lockhart, TX, United States

Michelle Horak

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Martin Chapcak

Havirov, Czech Republic

T.K. Broderick

Venice, CA, United States

Ioli Tripodaki

Athens, Greece

Bridget Hanley Cohen

Port Orange, FL, United States

Mike Koziel

Mahwah, NJ, United States

Quentin Emeriau

Whistler, BC, Canada


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