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Global Song Collaboration 12.12.12 FAQ's

12.12.12 Global Song Collaboration FAQ 
Hello Everyone,

We are very excited about all the interest in the global song collaboration. We want to make sure everyone understands the process so that we get as much usable material as possible.

Q: Do I have to record  on 12.12.12?
A: Yes, you have to do your actual recording on 12.12.12 but you can get prepared by downloading the tracks and coming up with parts for them right now.

Q: What are the guide tracks for?
A: The guide tracks are to ensure that people will be playing to the same tempo, key and groove. The guide tracks will actually go away since they were not made on 12.12.12. They are just simple layers meant to inspire and keep everyone on the same musical page.

Q: How do I upload my video?
A: You will upload your video files to Vimeo. Make sure you check the box for 'Global Song Collaboration' which you will see available in Vimeo during the upload process. If you have separate audio files, there will be an audio uploader available at on 12.12.12. Please let us know which guide track(s) you played along with in the name of your file and ever better, say it while you are filming so it will be on your footage.

Q: What if I only have a cell phone to record video and audio with?
A: We would like to get both the audio and video in the highest quality you can manage and if that means recording video/audio with a cell phone, we still want it. Any quality video and audio is better than nothing at all. The diversity of musicians, instruments and even recording mediums will all contribute to make this a very unique project, even among similar long distance music projects.

Q: Do I need to send you separate audio and video?
A: No. you are more then welcome to however. if you have access to a nice recording setup for audio and only a cell phone or point and shoot camera for video, you might be in a situation where sending separate audio is ideal.

Q: What if I can only record audio?
A: while video and audio is preferred, if you can only record audio, we will take it but it is less likely to be used if there is no video.

Q: Can I use my own guide track or share my guide track with the group?
A: If you make a guide track in either 70 or 140 BPM in C, E, G, A (Major or Minor), you can share it with the group

Q: Can I play along with multiple guide tracks?
A. Of course! Just let us know in the filename which guide track your performance belongs to!

Q: Do I need to play to the entire guide track?
A: No. You can play to just a portion of the guide tracks. You do not need to play to the whole thing.

Q: How is this going to become a song?

A: Having everything in the same tempo and key will allow everyone to play parts on 12.12.12 that we will be able to fit together. Everyone will have access to the same raw tracks in order to do their own mixes and remixes. Additionally, Joseph Minadeo, who is currently composing the score for the 10.10.10 feature film, will deliver 4 final tracks made from the library of contributions. Examples of his musical works can be found among many of the ODOE videos and trailers such as:

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