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Hey everyone, I thought as the new members sign up, go ahead and say hi and let us know if you have any leads on a birth for 10.10.10. or if you need some help finding someone. Or maybe you are an expectant mom to be that has joined. Either way, say hi. 

Thanks for joining up :) We can do this. I know someone is going to pull this off. 

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Hi Ryan,
Met with Dr. this morning. He sent a message to the person in charge of making the decision regarding the hospital's policy on filming in the operating room. As soon as I hear from her, I'll let you know.

Jennifer Danielson said:
Not scheduled to see my doctor until 10/4 as he is on vacation. Will that be too late to find out about filming? I know they don't normallly allow parents to film in delivery room during the surgery. I just don't know if they would allow it for a film production...that is something different to me.

Ryan Marshall said:
Did you ever hear back from the hospital about filming?

Jennifer Danielson said:
Hi, I am scheduled to deliver my fourth child (1st son) via c-section on 10/10/10. I live in California. My husband and I are so excited! Would love to have a professional video made, not sure if the hospital will allow it. I'll have to check on it.
Hi there! I found this via @RoyNaim. My wife was due October 3rd, this past Sunday. We just got back from the doctor and nothing yet! We're hoping for 10/10/10! Next appointment is on Monday, 10/11/10, but doctor said things are moving along! Who thinks we got this in the bag? Video camera is all ready! Thanks, 1-day on Earth!



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