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Anybody able to help me with uploading questions/problems/issues?

1. The max file size is 500MB, but for me, that's only a 1.5 minute clip - and my clips/files range from 6 seconds (40MB) to almost 9 minutes (3.08GB!) ! What do I do about this?

2. Also, is there any way to upload several clips at once? This process is taking soooooo long.
I've uploaded my 2 biggest sub-500MB videos (which still are not showing at Vimeo), then after that I uploaded my 10 smallest videos (which are still processing) - and I've been at this pretty non-stop for about 5 hours - and I still have about 125 more video clips to go - and 23 of those range from 500MB to 3.08GB!

3. Is it possible to just upload directly to Vimeo, and then point ODOE toward my videos there? This seems like a helpful idea, doesn't it?

Super tired now, so not thinking of other questions/issues, if I have them, so if I think of them later, I'll add. Until then - can anyone help???



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WHOA - ALERT to anyone trying to upload.

Look what I just found (which might help explain why my bigger files are not yet showing on my Vimeo acc't, even though I uploaded them 5+ hours ago):

When I get to that link, it tells me, "Daily upload limit reached. Sorry, Basic members can only upload 10 videos per day. To upload unlimited videos, get Vimeo Plus."
a. I assume this applies to ODOE uploaders, too?!?! And if so, I sure wish ODOE would've told us that as part of the Uploading process/screen, so I wouldn't have just stayed up til 4:30am uploading for nothing!
b. Only 10 videos per day?? But I have 137 total to upload in the next 1.5 days!!! What to do?!?!

Furthermore, at that link, it tells me, "Storage / 165.973MB of 500MB 33%". WHAT? I can only upload 500MB TOTAL??? B-b-but ODOE said 500MB maximum file size in their Uploader screen? Which to believe? And I have 45GBs worth to upload!!! What to do?!?!?

That link also tells me, "Want to jump to the front of the upload line? And upload as many HD videos as you want? Get all this and more when you upgrade to Vimeo Plus. Looks like you’ve reached your weekly limit of 1 HD video per week. Your next video will be converted to SD only."
a. So does that mean that of the 10 HD videos I did upload (I did the smallest ones), only one of them is HD, and the rest are only showing in SD? Would've been nice to know that in advance!
b. Purchasing something from Vimeo (the Vimeo Plus at $10/month) is what I must do to continue uploading more HD videos? Is that the solution I'm understanding correctly??? If so, it would've been nice of ODOE to let people know that they'd need to pay to submit, before we went out and spent so much time shooting and logging footage! On top of it all, Vimeo Plus still would only get 5GB max (see, but I have 45GBs to upload!

Can anyone help me?!

Thanks in advance!

Have you thought about clumping them together into one file? Is this your raw footage?

I used Mpeg Streamclip and converted my .mov file to a manageable .mp4
You can find and download it online.
Wow, 45gb? Sorry, just saw your complete posting. I wouldn't worry about your videos being HD. ODOE just asks that you keep a hold of the high def original files in case they want them (impression I got from their site). Honestly, if the above wont work before the deadline, Vimeo Plus is a good investment. I have it an love it, but I do a lot of video for work. Good luck!

I had 6.5 gigs raw, I compressed it to two MPEG-2 files, one was 190MB and the other 450MB. I did the same thing last year, and they contacted my later to get the raw files they wanted to use.

Thanks for your replies, Sarah & Bob!

How do you like my edited piece?

Nice work, Bob :-)


bob orwig said:

How do you like my edited piece?



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