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Hey everyone, I thought as the new members sign up, go ahead and say hi and let us know if you have any leads on a birth for 10.10.10. or if you need some help finding someone. Or maybe you are an expectant mom to be that has joined. Either way, say hi. 

Thanks for joining up :) We can do this. I know someone is going to pull this off. 

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I'm a young aspiring photog still on the hunt for an possible 10.10.10 mom & babe! :) Excited!
I have a beautiful Cambodian mother due with her 2nd on the 14th, but husband (from Puerto Rico - you should SEE their kid, MAN! what a beauty!!!) loves numbers and is "praying hard" the baby comes on the 10th. lol.
I also have another 1st time mom due the 10th, about 2 hours from me. She's "in" as well.
So we'll see! I'm hunting for more on my local pregnancy boards and Craig's List.
I'm in MN.

I'm a child/family photog, with some video/editing experience. but I have not filmed a birth yet, other than my own. ha!
I should mention I'm in Dallas.
I'm a first time to be mom, due October 19th in NYC. I know it's a little late, but who knows? You can;t time these things.
I'm a mum with a video camera in New Zealand and I would love to film a birth on 10.10.10! My friend and I also have a birth stories blog - - with lots of pregnant mums reading along so we'll do a post and see if we can find anyone to be involved!
I should add that I'm in Auckland...
I am due on 10-10-10 and planning a homebirth in the Syracuse NY area. I have already hired a photographer for the event myself. Of course, we are not forcing the baby to come on 10-10-10 so I am not sure when I will actually deliver.
Hi! I found out about this project on Pacing the Panic Room blog and am so excited! I actually just had someone email me that's due in St. Louis (my town) on 10.11.10 who saw my comment on that blog so I will be following up with her asap! We're going to put it out on our own blog so we have a good list of moms. I'm a part of The Birth Experience hosted by Lyndsay Stradtner out of Austin, TX and I'll mention it to all of those other birth photographers too... good to get the word out right? :) Can't wait!
Well, hello. I'm in Central Victoria, Australia and can film in this area or in Melbourne. I don't have any leads on anyone due to give birth around that time, but contact me through the group if you want to link up.
Our calculatet Date is the 10.10. to birth our Son "Aaron Jeremia". We are from Germany
I am in Indiana and have 2 families due around 10.10 and am still on the hunt for more expecting families. I am putting in a call to a local birth center to see what I can do with them. I have photographed births before but this will be my first time filming a birth (fingers crossed) I am so excited!!
I am a photographer in Oregon. I specialize in birth stories, but do other things, obviously:

I have some connections around the area and have a friend who is due on 10.07 with her 2nd. I have put out a message on my blog and sent an email to some midwives in the area. Hoping to help where I can with this amazing project!



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